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It's hard to believe, but it's time for the Olympics to happen again. Seems like just a few months ago, Canadians were lining up for their 2010 red mittens. Well, the 2012 team Canada clothing line up was revealed on Nov 2, 2011 and all the gear is really cool; the jean jacket with Canadian provincial and wildlife patches on it is going to be the big favourite this time, though the 2012 red mittens are bound to be a popular item as well, once again being sold to support the Canadian athletes.
Other new items include a great red & black lumberjack shirt, again with patches, a knitted beaver Cowichan sweater, a white hoodie with patches, a windbreaker and soft shell, a cool black track suit, a retro throw back  T-shirt with the big maple leaf Canada logo on the front (some of us may remember this t-shirt from the Montreal Olympics back in 1966). The cool animal, provincial shield and other Canadian theme patches can be purchased separately and added to your clothes for a
Custom Canada look.
All of these great 2012 team Canada clothes are available at Hudsons Bay & Zellers until their stock is sold out, and we have some of the 2012 Team Canada HBC items in our online store below right now, including the Canada Patch Toque, the Canada Hat, the Canada Scarf, Maple Leaf T-Shirts and the 2012 Canada Hoodie.
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